The power behind Employee Motivation

Argos for Business is the specialist business division of Argos – one of the UK’s most recognised and respected multi-channel retailers.

As leading experts in providing incentive and motivation solutions, Argos for Business has made it their mission to get Britain’s workforce inspired and motivated throughout the working year.

Argos for Business specialises in working with employers to help incentivise and motivate their staff. Thanks to simple solutions, such as Argos Collection Code, Gift Cards and Argos Merchandise, countless businesses have already benefited from a motivated workforce.

Offering 50,000+ products gives businesses the opportunity to motivate diverse workforces with an item that truly resonates with each individual. Meaning offering choice through Argos actually results in a targeted motivational tool to your colleagues.

Now Argos for Business is helping place motivation as a key and often forgotten skill on business leaders’ agendas. Holding an Employee Motivation Day within businesses is a great way to put aside time to not only thank employees and increase morale and motivation, but helps leaders to rethink the importance of a sometimes overlooked aspect of creating and leading great, high performing and happy teams.

Create your own Employee Motivation Day for your business and let us know what you get up to. Remember to be creative and include everyone within your organisation to really put motivation and appreciation back on everyone’s agenda for 2017.